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WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and provide users with multiple resources to facilitate the management of their WP websites:

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Exploring Bishop Castle – The Most Unique and Bizarre Find in Colorado!

BishopCastle17 copyAnyone who knows me knows I love exploring the off the beaten path, unique, different things as well as the big touristy things. A couple years ago while doing some research on Colorado, I knew when I got here I needed to see Bishop’s Castle. Not only is the drive amazing to get there, but this castle did not disappoint. WOW! I had also done a lot of reading about Jim Bishop, how he came to build this castle, and his story. It’s a sad, and also encouraging story. You can read his story HERE

We spent the day exploring crazy hallways that led to yet another staircase to yet another room to yet another staircase, and I found myself trying to back track to the original room because from that room I knew I had seen several other doors leading different places. It’s definitely a fascinating maze. After a few hours of walking through this maze, we started to think we had explored the whole thing. (From our truck we realized we had not explored one whole tower. Well … we’ll have to go back won’t we!)BishopCastle7 copy On our way out we headed over to where it looked like some construction might be going on. I just wanted to see the castle from the side. We figured if we weren’t supposed to be over there, we’d see a blocked off section. To my surprise an older gentleman who was placing mortar and rocks up from above said “how did you like your visit”. I told him “it was bizarre and amazing”. He said “I’m Jim Bishop … I started building this castle at 15 years old”. What an honor to meet this man! And to see him still there, Jim Bishop1 copybuilding his castle. We stood there and chatted with him for about 20 minutes, while he placed more mortar and rocks, one by one. What a story. What a life. He’s still there building. Every rock. Every stone. Every piece of metal. He is still the sole builder of this castle. He divided his time between continual building and spending the last days with his wife, Phoebe, who just passed away August 18th, 2018. They were married over 50 years. The story is just remarkable, sad, and in a round BishopCastleM50-2 copyabout way, very up-lifting. Jim even lost a son at the age of 4 years old when a tree that he and his older son was cutting down fell on him. Read the story of why the main room ceiling and roof are glass. He’s no stranger to loss, that’s for sure. I have really found his story fascinating, and I encourage you to read it prior to visiting. It will give you more of an understanding to the bizarre and crazy structure you are going to visit. He also fights the government every day because they want him charge people and pay taxes on that money. Which is why it will always remain free to visit (he says). You’ll see signs everywhere with a glimpse of his story as well. If you like visiting different and unique places, you won’t be sorry. You may even be lucky enough to see Jim, up on a wall, still building his castle. BishopCastle13 copy

Live Simply  ~  Give More  ~  Expect Less


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Off the Beaten Path in New York. Our Top Unique Picks!

NYTITLEWhen I used to think of New York, I thought of  honking taxi cabs, subways, busy streets, Radio City Music Hall, The Stock Exchange and the Statue of Liberty. A bustling fashion trend city with lots of people and everyone in a hurry. Oh, there is so much more to New York. 

If you’re visiting New York City, did you know there are still so many “off the beaten path” things to do and see there? Strange happenings in that city, I tell ya!

  • Marilyn Monroes Subway Grate
  • The Earth Room – why? It’s a 22-inch-deep layer of dirt spread across a 3,600-square-foot gallery space in the middle of Soho. Interesting
  • Don’t forget about the Ghost Busters Fire House 

But our favorite part of NY is not the city. Have you been to Upstate New York? I hope you look at New York a little different after checking some of these places out. 

The Wild Walk 

WildCenter1If you have kids, or even if you don’t, you just have to experience this place!  There is 81 acres for nature lovers. (wheel chair accessible as well) Nestled 45ft up in the Adirondack Forest. What would it be like to live on a web, hanging on a thread above the forest? The Spider’s Web at Wild Walk is your chance to lay in wait, or walk across a web woven above the ground. This place is a really fun place whether you are 8 or 80.

Watkins Glen State Park

IMG_1435We’ve been here twice, and we’re pretty sure we’ll go back again. It’s our two 2 favorite State Parks so far. It’s magical and the beauty is one of those unforgettable places. New York’s Finger Lakes region. The park’s lower part is near the village, while the upper part is open woodland. There are 19 waterfalls along its course.  I believe it’s a course of 2 miles. The gorge path winds over and under waterfalls and through the spray of Cavern Cascade. Rim trails overlook the gorge. If you haven’t visited this State Park, definitely put it on your list.


StacyLetchworth2Letchworth State Park – This park holds a special place in our heart. It’s where we decided to take the first step to changing the life we were living, which led us to ultimately selling our two homes, and live and travel full-time in our RV. It’s where the picture of us was taken on our home page. Letchworth16We were fortunate enough to visit right as they made a decision and starting demolition of the old train bridge over the waterfall. There are three large waterfalls on the Genesee River and as many as 50 other waterfalls. The deep gorge  formed by the river, with rock walls rising up to 550 feet in places and which narrow to 400 feet across above the middle of the three falls, prompted the area’s reputation as the “Grand Canyon of the East”. OH and in the Fall, I hear there is a hot air balloon launch over the waterfall. I would love to go back and see that!

Eternal Flame Falls

eternalflamemeThe Eternal Flame Falls is a small waterfall located in the Chestnut Ridge Park in Western NY. A small grotto at the waterfall’s base gives off a natural gas, which can be lit to produce a small flame. This flame is visible nearly year round, although it can be extinguished and must occasionally be re-lit.

Lucifer Falls – Located in Robert H. Treman State Park, Lucifer Falls can be found in the rugged Enfield Glen gorge. There is a paved luciferFallstrail and staircases built by the Civilian Conservation Corps members that lead you along the gorge, making the hike beautiful and not overly challenging. A hike that is especially beautiful in Fall (we visited NY in the Summer), take the Rim Trail to Lucifer Falls to see the water cascading down the face of the rock. Be sure to also check out the rest of the park while you are there if you have the time. It is perfect for an afternoon picnic or a full day trip.

Another castle! Another sad story! If you have read our other blogs in this series you will know I love to seek out castles. They are hidden in our American history in almost every state. I love researching and reading the story behind it. Sadly, so far every one I’ve read about, it seems to be a story of despair, death and/or extreme sadness. boldt castle3The Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay is no exception. In 1900, the Mr. Boldt started building a 120 room, 6 story home for him and his family. Including a drawbridge, Italian gardens and even tunnels. There were approximately 300 men working on building this structure. In January 1904, tragedy struck. Boldt telegraphed the island and commanded the workers to immediately “stop all construction.”  His wife, Louise, had died suddenly. A broken hearted Boldt could not imagine his dream castle without his beloved. Boldt never returned to the island, leaving behind the structure as a monument of his love. For 73 years, the castle and various stone structures were left to the mercy of the wind, rain, ice, snow and vandals. 

(these are not my pictures. Boldt Castle does not allow even your own pictures to be published. These pictures were available for download on their website.)

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves  – Pottersville, NY

natural-stone-bridgeBring good rubber-soled enclosed walking shoes to explore the self-guided (love the self guided tours since we love to just take our time through things like this) ¾ mile, mostly above-ground, natural stone step nature trail and experience up-close the unique marble features including potholes, grottos, gorge and mill site waterfalls. The massive stone bridge arch which is the largest marble cave entrance in the east.pottersville






This is another state that I could write for 2 solid days about. And you’d still be reading next week. So we’ll end it here, but make sure you check out the Corning Glass Museum. We didn’t get a chance to go there, but it was on our list! Next time for sure!

Boondocking in NY

If you want to visit Watkins Glen we suggest  Sugar Hill State Forest. As you can see from the picture (not my picture) there is no limit on the size RV that will fit. Maximum stay is only 3 nights but it’s free. 


Let us know what you found Off the Beaten Path in New York! 

Remember to always Live Simply  ~  Give More  ~  Expect Less

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Off the Beaten Path in Missouri. 12 Cool and Unique Places to See in Missouri.

As full-time RV’ers we travel and see a lot. This is part of our Opting Out of Normal series where we explore the “Off the Beaten Path” of every state. We love the big popular stuff like everyone else, but there is just something incredible about discovering something unique, different and maybe a little “off the beaten path”. We certainly can’t explore them all, but we’d love you to include your favorites below too. We love to “Opt Out of Normal”. Each series will include at least 1 epic boondocking area, complete with pictures and GPS coordinates. 

Missouri is home of the worlds largest fork, the worlds largest goose, and apparently there is a fish on a bike in Missouri. Can only get better from here, right? 

The St. Louis Arch is definitely a unique, amazing, beautiful and interesting visit! We’ve been there, and we rode the quirky elevator to the top. I’m not going to give much information about the Arch, as it’s a very popular, not really off the beaten path place, but if you’re going to Missouri, definitely hit that spot. If you like the out of the way, less touristy places, my advice is go on a weekday, not in the summer, and not around any holiday.

Waterfalls! Waterfalls! Waterfalls! They are my happy place. Some people love the beach, or the lake. I am most at peace with myself and the world sitting by a waterfall. There have been many occasions I’ve pretty much had to be dragged away.

Hodgson MillHodgson Mill Waterfall – This is easy access off of Missouri Hwy 181, the Hodgson Mill Waterfall makes for a great photo opportunity. The historic water mill neighboring the falls dates back to the mid 19th century. It is really breathtaking and a great stop.  



Rocky Falls – This wonder is located just east of Emminence, in the southern Missouri Ozarks. You can find it near the Current River and Jack’s Fork National Scenic River-ways. RockyFallsFree

Crooked Creek Falls: Another gem from the Ozarks, this waterfall is located along a path in the Ouachita National Forest near Little Missouri Falls Recreation Area.realcrookedcreek



The Town of Hannibal has several things to see! 

The Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse  – Did you know I climbed all 244 steps and then learned there is a back way in? Oh well, it was beautiful to get there, but it’s a lot of steps! Beautiful views! If you can manage the steps, definitely don’t miss this. Don’t miss the Tom Sawyer House complete with the white washed fence. This visit seriously made me want to read the books again! Really fun history! Pretty sure I didn’t walk the next day after that climb! And yes, the two pictures at the bottom are two separate climbs.

Mark Twain Cave  Also in Hannibal, MO. I hadn’t heard of this cave before I went. So I wasn’t sure if this would qualify as off the beaten path, but it was really fun! The cave is near a campground, and we did stay at the campground a night or two. We don’t normally stay in campgrounds, but we really needed to get our tanks dumped, and it was before peak season, so we stayed. There is a fabulous winery right there, with live bands sometimes. We really enjoyed this! Yes, these are real pictures we took. Pretty amazing right? By the way, there is a really neat Geocache near the cave! If you don’t know what Geocaching is, click HERE for our blog about it. You will love it (and if you have kids, they will too.) I’m a big kid so I still love Geocaching. 

chain-of-rocks-bridge-1618314_1920The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge – The old Chain of Rocks Bridge spans the Mississippi River on the north edge of St. Louis, Missouri. The eastern end of the bridge is on Chouteau Island, while the western end is on the Missouri shoreline. 

Lake of the Ozarks – This is a pretty popular place, but if you’re looking for some amazing kayaking, check it out. Not going to get too much into this lake because it is a very popular place. But the views from a Kayak are incredible!

Welch Spring Hospital Ruins – Sitting along Missouri’s Current River, the gorgeously abandoned Welch Spring Hospital Ruins once offered healing waters but now simply provides scenic ruin. Due to the eco system, you aren’t supposed to go in the water at all. The story behind this is creepy, unique and a little different. Definitely something off the beaten path and unique! heelingcreek

Extra Info:

There is not an exact address. It is located between Cedargrove and Akers on the Upper Current. To drive, go north from Akers on Route K. Turn left on the first gravel road past the Akers Group Camp. At the end of the road, park next to the river and walk a trail north along the river for about a half mile. At the end of the trail you will be able to see the hospital, although you will be across the spring from it.

Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins

Ha Ha Tonka State Park  (GPS: 37.97607, -92.76979) is first and foremost a super funny name! It’s a 3,700-acre public recreation area on the Lake of the Ozarks, about 5 miles from Camdenton, Missouri. One of the highlights of the park is the castle ruins which is a European castle ruins in an American state park are actually the story of death and grief. I’ll leave the history for you to check out! But don’t discount fascinating geological features. The natural bridge is over 70 feet wide, and 100 feet high. There are 2 caves. The Robber’s Cave and the Counterfeiter’s Cave – both known to have been hide-outs for 19th-century criminals.

Bonne Terre Mines – We did not visit this, but read about this unique place. It’s on my bucket list for sure! If you like to dive or swim, or just want to explore this place, it’s super fascinating! The mine has been opened as one of the most unique diving areas in the world. Due to the toxic lead particles in the water, nothing can grow rendering the liquid astonishingly clear. Would you feel comfortable swimming in that? I don’t know if I would but I really must see this place! Piercing lights have been installed throughout the caverns illuminating over 100 feet into the waters. Across 24 different diving paths covering 17 miles of subterranean rooms, visitors can swim through the grand arches and towering drowned chambers and you’ve got to see the rusting equipment still at the bottom of the “Billion Gallon Lake.” 

The Pinnacles

PinniclesA geological formation formed by two rivers carving out a mass of limestone on both sides. The craggy peaks are now a unique and often overlooked landmark, This is north of Columbia.  You gotta see this place. It’s a real treat! There is a rocky archways, limestone boulders and carved out shelves make the site excellent for hiking and climbing. 


If you want boondocking central, Missouri is your place!! There are so many places that you can camp for free, it’s unreal! And we aren’t talking about parking lots, Walmarts or rest stops. We are talking lake side views!  Here are our two favorite places with GPS coordinates on the picture! brickyard-hill-211

Hope you found something fun or at least interesting to put on your own bucket list. Our county is amazing so get out there and explore, and we’d love to hear what you found in Missouri that was Off the Beaten Path! 

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Live Simply – Give More – Expect Less

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Off the Beaten Path in Michigan. Top 10 Hidden Gems We Found in Michigan!

titleAs full-time RV’ers we travel and see a lot. This is part of our Opting Out of Normal series where we explore the “Off the Beaten Path” of every state. We love the big popular stuff like everyone else, but there is just something incredible about discovering something unique, different and maybe a little “off the beaten path”. We certainly can’t explore them all, but we’d love you to include your favorites below too. We love to “Opt Out of Normal”. Each series will include at least 1 epic boondocking area, complete with pictures and GPS coordinates. 

Crisp Point Lighthouse

lighthouseIMG_5030This is a beautiful lighthouse to visit, but consider yourself forewarned, the road to get there is like no other we’ve traveled. When they sell a t-shirt in the gift shop that says “I survived the road to Crisp Point Lighthouse”, they aren’t kidding! We did it in a dually, so I know everyone can do it, but it is long, and tedious, but worth the sights (and you might actually want to buy a t-shirt when you get there). We saw a lot of people travel there on a side by side or off road toys. We actually visited several lighthouses on the “light house tour”. You can pick up a guide at the visitors center. Makes for a fun “truck hike” day. YES … this funny (funny because it turned out good) sign is actually on the road in! Let’s hear it for Girl Scout Cookies saving lives!!! 


The Tridge – Midland, MI (Chippewassee Park)

tridge1This isn’t the only triple bridge in Michigan, but if you’re near the area, it’s a beautiful walk, and something pretty unique. There is also a farmers market, a skate park and a dog park if you’re interested. 


Crystal Coaster Alpine Slide –  Thompsonville

It’s basically a huge water slide without the water. You take a chair lift to the top of the Assignmentmountain and jump on a specialized sled to ride one of the two slides that are each 1,700 feet long. Make sure to check dates because the slide is only open seasonally.

Electric Forest

I’m adding this because it’s on my bucket list. We have not gone here (yet). But highly recommend at least checking it out. It looks really amazing and fun! Click here for information. 

IMG_4406Most everyone knows about the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It’s not an “off the beaten path” choice, but if you go to Michigan, DON’T MISS IT!!! It’s breathtaking but a very popular touristy place. We went! We loved it, and if you have any questions, let me know. The hiking and kayaking is amazing there!!  I did want to mention that once or twice a year, if you’re lucky, the wind is blowing just right and the garnet in the rocks washes up on shore and causes the sand to turn a vibrant pink. It only lasts a couple of hours to a couple of days. We were lucky enough to catch it! Go into the visitors center and ask about it. 


Ann Arbor’s Fairy Doors

fairy2We find this a little creepy, (we like this kind of stuff Ha!) and quite entertaining and interesting. Have you heard the story behind these?  You can actually pick up a tour brochure to show you where all the fairy doors are. Pretty creative! 

fairy111Here’s a little history I found: “In 1993, While Jonathan B. Wright was renovating his century-old home, his young daughters made a delightful discovery: itty, bitty, six-inch doors scattered throughout the space. When opened, there were tiny railings inside that led to other miniature doors. There were even windows springing up, where lights inside would magically turn on and off. By 2005, Jonathan had become a full-fledged Fairyologist, documenting the little doors that were now springing up all around town – obviously they were fairies, what else could they be? His website has documentation of over two dozen doors from these “urban fairies.”” 

Blooming Mystical Lavender Labyrinth

MDRUM_Lavender_Labyrinth-2-e1499685768435-1500x1000Who knew? This is on a farm in Shelby Michigan, called Cherry Point Farm and Market. The fruit and farm market has been in operation since 1961. In 2001, owner Barbara Bull, started work on a lavender labyrinth, which can be seen on Google Earth. Don’t forget the amazing cherry pie and other fantastic fruits and home made yummy things from this farm and market. 

Manistique Boardwalk and River Walk

manistique-2519631_1920The Boardwalk runs down the Lake Michigan shore in the town of Manistique. Go for an early morning walk or take an afternoon and picnic in the park. You can view the Manistique Lighthouse or ships passing by. It is a wonderful way to spend a day. You can spend as much or as little time there. It’s really beautiful to walk out on the jetty to the lighthouse. As you can see from the picture, the sunsets are incredible. Highly recommend early Fall if you’re wanting a more peaceful, quiet time. 

(while you’re in the area, you might want to check out the somewhat popular Kitch-Iti-Kipi  aka: The Big Spring. I didn’t add this to the list as it’s a pretty popular place)

IMG_5115Tahquamenon Falls State Park 

I wasn’t sure if this would really qualify as “Off the Beaten Path” but I just had to mention it. We visited this area in September and during a weekday. It was almost empty! We actually went twice in one day. (We wanted to get some pictures later in the day.) TIP: Paradise is actually a very small, very expensive little town. We made the mistake of running out of propane and having to fill up there. It was the highest propane costs we’ve ever paid. So gas up, fill your propane tanks and arrive with everything you need or you’ll be paying extremely high prices there. 

Boondocking: I have 2 amazing places to stay!!

Kewadin Casino. Free electric hookup’s. PLEASE go in and spend a few dollars. You don’t have to gamble if that’s not your thing,  but go in and have their amazing breakfast or lunch. Right across the street from the casino is a “dry campground” that people are paying money to park in, and have no electric hook-up. So this is a great deal! But go in and say thanks, and have a wonderful meal!

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0005.JPGCCC Old Prison Camp This actually boarders the Tahquamenon Falls State Park. It just can’t get any easier than this. This is one of our drone shots, so you can see how big and wide open this area is. We were the only ones here and we stayed almost a week. 



Want to do some Kayaking (one of our favorite things to do) Here are two of our top picks (other than Pictured Rocks National Seashore area which is not an Off the Beaten Path area)

Bete Grise Sea Arch, Lac La Belle

Bete GriseBete Grise is a nature preserve on Keweenaw Peninsula, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A quiet and scenic kayaking destination on the Keweenaw Peninsula’s southern shores.The Bete Grise Bay is an amazing destination on its own.  There are miles of shoreline and waterfalls. TIP: Launch your kayak or canoe from the Bete Gris Beach and paddle east, keeping the shoreline on your left side. After a couple of miles, natural rock sea stacks and sea arches rise from the shockingly clear water of Lake Superior. You can float through the arch and hang out in the shade. Please watch the weather. Lake Superior can be brutal in a kayak!

Turnip Rock

myTurnrockI was thinking this was a pretty popular thing to do. But when I started talking to people last year, no one had heard of it. So we’re including it on our list. This unique rock formation is a favorite destination of those kayaking in Lake Huron, as it’s only accessible by water. The land on Turnip Rock is privately owned but you can still access this by water (kayak, boat etc) Another option is to wait for Lake Huron to freeze and walk your way out to Turnip Rock.

Hope you enjoyed the ideas! Thank you so much for visiting our little corner of the internet. We would love to hear what you find “off the beaten path” in Michigan. 

Live Simply  ~  Give More  ~  Expect Less

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Off the Beaten Path in Colorado. Our Top 10 Hidden Gems in Colorado!

ColoradoAs full-time RV’ers we travel and see a lot. This is part of our Opting Out of Normal series where we explore the “Off the Beaten Path” of every state. We love the big popular stuff like everyone else, but there is just something incredible about discovering something unique, different and maybe a little “off the beaten path”. We certainly can’t explore them all, but we’d love you to include your favorites below too. We love to “Opt Out of Normal”. Each series will include at least 1 epic boondocking area, complete with pictures and GPS coordinates. 

Here’s a fun video we made! Take a couple minutes to explore the Midland Train Tunnels in Buena Vista! 

Twin Lakes – Twin Lakes is like no other. Incredible boondocking area, beautiful scenery and we met some wonderful people. The lake is incredible, with amazing kayaking and fishing. Leadville is a quaint town to visit that is pretty close.

Boondocking Tip – Twin Lakes: GPS: 39..0768827, -106.2994784

Leadville’s Abandoned Silver Mineleadvilleok

There is an abandoned silver mine with wrecked and twisted structures. It’s like you’ve walked back in time. It’s interesting and eerie at the same time. Make sure to stop and soak in what might have been so long ago!

Swetsville Zoo

kdkdOk, so don’t expect living, real animals here! Ha! This “zoo” is a cross between a junkyard and a sculpture garden, Swetsville-Zoo-1featuring animals you won’t see anywhere else. Alongside the classic dragons and trains are aliens and dinosaurs, and some things you’ll just have to ask the owner what they are. Super fun and interesting place! This is located in Fort Collins, CO. 

rocky-3532167_1920Paint Mines – No doubt this was a place where ancient people collected clay to be used as war paint on their bodies, or paint for their pottery  The weird stone shapes were formed by water, wind, and erosion. The spires come in shades from creamy white, to orange, purple, gray, rust, and dark brown. Another ecosystem thrives there. So please read up before visiting. Another place that pups aren’t allowed. But well worth the sites. 

BishopCastleM50-2Bishop’s Castle – This was by far the most bizarre place I’ve ever been. Seriously EVER. My recommendation is to read the history not this before going. It’ll definitely be something that makes you go “huh?”. But we absolutely love stuff like this. Plus, it’s free! BishopCastleStacyPMIt always will be free. If you visit, you’ll read a ton of home-made signs on why it’s free. If you look closely, you can see me standing on the balcony there. This tells you how big this bizarre place really is. Make sure you make a day out of this! So the story is that Jim Bishop bought land at 15 years old for $450. He originally wanted to a build a modest cottage for his family to enjoy summer’s in Colorado. Friends and people in the community commented after he started building it, that it resembled a castle. He thought that sounded like a great idea, and continued on with this bizarre, and interesting castle of his. I’m still unclear if he ever actually lived in it, but he is still there almost every day building. Jim does not accept any help, and has built 99% of this castle alone. He was there the day we visited, and we got to chat with him just a bit. By far, this was our favorite thing in Colorado. Weird, I know, but maybe because there is so much mystery around the story, and such a crazy, strange place to visit. It’s always open, but watch your step! 

canooooCano’s Castle

Another bizarre castle. Well … if they build them, we will come! Another self-built castle where the towers are built largely out of beer cans (yep, you read that right) and other metal “things”. Cano’s castle is actually four separate structures. “The king”, “the queen”, “the palace” and “the rook”. Located in Antonito, CO. On the corner of State St and E 10th Ave. If you’re around that area, you just gotta drive by. Tell me you aren’t speechless! Ha! 

hanging-lake-co-2527223_1280Hanging Lake – Yes the picture is real! Beautiful, right? Hanging Lake is a crystal-clear, travertine lake located high atop the cliffs of Glenwood Canyon. The hike is only a mile, but it’s steep with lots of rock scrambles. If you normally use hiking poles, I wouldn’t here. They can be cumbersome.  I added this to our list because of it’s amazing beauty and wonder. Hanging Lake is a geologic wonder. They ask that you not touch the lake at all. Not even dip your toe in it. It’s a perfectly balanced ecosystem. When you get there, you’ll see! Please make sure you follow their rules. No animals allowed, so leave your pup home on this trip. I wanted to add this to our list even though the lake is becoming a very popular summer-time hike.

house2Flying Saucer House – Yep … another one! Ha! But where else can you see all these house1strangely built houses? If you’re in the area, it’s worth a drive by. It’s been featured in several movies, and episodes of “strange” homes on TV. The house is not a personal home today, but is used for private events. Location is West on Highway 70 (away from Denver) – GPS: 39.7009, -105.2771

Geyser Spring Trail

Have you heard of this? I hadn’t either. Colorado’s only true geyser is hidden within the San Juan National Forest. geiserrrrTrailhead: 37.7573, -108.1278. US Forest Service says this is the only true Geyer in Colorado. If you wait around for a while, you’ll likely see it erupt but all that means is you’ll start to see it boil over the sides of the pool and spill over, so to speak. Not super impressive in comparison, but it’s still worth it since most likely you’ll not see a single soul there the entire time you’re there. You’ll most likely have it all to yourself. Pretty cool! The pool is about 82 degrees and bubbling. It’s also very stinky! Apparently sulfur is good for your skin, but no thanks! 

I know I could have added about 10 more things to this list. Colorado is full of “off the beaten path” things. Please comment below if you have a really cool place to share in Colorado. 

Second Boondocking Tip: Salida, CO


Live Simply  ~  Give More  ~  Expect Less